The Battle of the Year (BOTY) is the biggest breaking competition in the world, often referred to as the world cup of breaking. Since 1990 the competition has grown to an international high-quality event and is much more than a contest. BOTY became a week-long festival of the Hip Hop culture and feature different battles, showcases, workshops and much more to ensure the event stays true to its breaking roots and spreading Hip Hop culture to a larger public audience. This year BOTY is going to celebrate the 27th Anniversary and will be held for the first time in Essen (Germany).

Around the world BOTY has different qualifications for the international crew competition and the 1vs1 UNDISPUTED battle every year. For this reason the well-known BOTY Central Europe will take place again in Zurich (Switzerland). Additionally this year we have - BOTY Kids Format - 1vs1 BOTY Undisputed - 1vs1 BOTY Kids - 1vs1 House for Flavourama - 2vs2 Hip Hop for Flavourama - in our program. Hereby you get all the important details about this event.

More about BOTY Central Europe 2016
More about Battle of the Year International 2016


Breaking Judges:

Crazy (Crazy Force Crew / CH)
Menno (Hustle Kidz, Red Bull BC One All Stars / NL)
Artur (Deep Trip / CH)
Funky Mike (Prodigyy Crew / AT)

On the wheels of steel:

DJ Renegade (Soul Mavericks / UK)
DJ Lean Rock (Floorlords, Boogie Brats / USA)
DJ OB One (Zürich, CH)

On the mic:

Kyuubi (Zürich / CH)
Michi (D.Point.C / CH)

Before the official BOTY Central Europe there will be Stand-Up Battles in 1vs1 House and 2vs2 Hip Hop (official international Flavourama Qualifier) which will be judged by:

Stand-Up Judges:

Waydi (Criminalz Crew / FR)
the.K (KeraAmika, K-Mifa / DE)
Bembika (Geneva, CH)


This year there are different 4 categories to take part at the Battle of the Year (BOTY) Central Europe. Here you get more details … download PDF

BOTY Crew Competition

regular BOTY Crew format with shows and TOP4 battles (KO-System)
winning team will be qualified for the BOTY World Finals
Registration for Crews & Kids Crews

BOTY Kids Crew Competition

brandnew BOTY Kids format with shows and TOP2 battles
winning team will be qualified for the BOTY World Finals
integrated in the regular BOTY Crew format
Registration for Crews & Kids Crews

BOTY 1vs1 Undisputed

regular BOTY 1vs1 Competition with the “Best of 3" concept
winner will be qualified for the BOTY International TOP16
Registration for 1vs1 Undisputed

BOTY 1vs1 Kids

regular BOTY 1vs1 Competition with the “Best of 3" concept winner is the BOTY Central Europe Kids Champion Registration for 1vs1 Kids


For the first time this year we will collaborate with the international Flavourama Battle in Salzburg (Austria). Because of this there will be 2 Stand-Up categories as well … download PDF

1vs1 House Dance

winner will be qualified for TOP16 at the Flavourama Battle and will be invited for the spot of the “Great Eight" Registration for 1vs1 House

2vs2 Hip Hop

winner team will be qualified for TOP16 at the Flavourama Battle and will be invited for the spot of the “Great Eight" Registration for 2vs2 Hip Hop


The official ticket pre-sale starts on August, 15th 2016 via Ticketino:
>> www.ticketino.ch <<

Ticket pre-sale via Ticketino:

Early-Bird-Ticket: 20,00 CHF (until August, 31st 2016)
Kids Pre-Sale: 15,00 CHF (7 until 15 years)
Regular Pre-Sale 25,00 CHF (until September, 16th 2016)

Tickets at the spot:

Children until 6 years: free of charge
Kids Ticket: 15,00 CHF (7 until 15 years)
Regular Ticket (from 16 years)
Registration fees: 10,00 CHF*

*) The registration fee is only for the 1vs1 Undisputed Breaking, 1vs1 House Dance and the 2vs2 Hip Hop Battle and is to be paid by every participant. For participants of the BOTY Crew & BOTY Kids Crew competition the participance is free of charge however, with a previous online registration. Please use the registration forms via the topic "Registration". For any further information and questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Tickets

Straight after the Nothing But Flavor Festival and the Battle of the Year Central Europe 2016 there will be the "Allstarz" Party at X-tra Zürich. The following tickets are special Combi-Tickets for visitors who want to be part of the event and the "Allstarz" Party as well.

Regular Ticket + Allstarz Party: 39,00 CHF (from 16 years)
Late-Night-Ticket: 30,00 CHF (from 16 years, from 21.00 o'clock)


Register for BOTY Central Europe 2016:

Registration for Crews & Kids Crews Registration for 1vs1 Undisputed Registration for 1vs1 Kids

Register for the Stand-Up at Nothing But Flavor 2016:

Registration for 1vs1 House Registration for 2vs2 Hip Hop


Main Event: Limmathaus X-tra Limmatstr. 118, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland (Google)


By car – there are different ways travelling to Zürich by car. Please note that the traffic on the highways around Zürich is strong and the gateaways into the city centre are often blocked – especially during the rush hours between 07.00 and 10.00 a.m. as well as in the evening from 04.00 till 08.00 p.m. Make sure you start your travel early enough if you decide to come by car. Please don’t forget to buy a Vignette for driving on the highway within Switzerland. It’s about 40,00 CHF and last until the end of January 2017.
By train – there are good train connections from everywhere to Zürich HB (main station). Between Switzerland, Austria and Germany there is a special discount called “Sparschiene" for instance. Please check the Online-Booking-Websites for more details:
ÖBB (Austrian Railway Company)
DB (German Railway Company)
SBB (Swiss Railway Company)
As a special service we could care about the transportation from Zürich HB (main station) to your hotel or sleepover if you inform us minimum 1 week before.
By plane – the closest airport to the venue is Zürich International Airport. Round about 1 hour away there is also the Euro-Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. From there is a good train connection to Zürich HB (main station). Also here we offer an airport shuttle if you inform us about your exactly arrival details.
SWISS (Swiss International Airline)


For any further questions about BOTY Central Europe or Nothing But Flavor Festival 2016 please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be gladly willing to help you with our best.

Nicole Binggeli (International participants) Email: noeasyprops@aim.com

Patrick Grigo (participants from Austria) Email: office@and8.dance