Battle of the Kids (BOTK)

Battle of the Kids

Welcome to "BATTLE OF THE KIDS" – a competition format to support the next generation of Urban Dance worldwide. The 2018 Finals will take place at X-tra Zurich (Switzerland) on September, 8th 2018. There are different Qualification & Challenger events where dancers collect wins and points for an international kids ranking. The winners of the qualifiers and the best kids of the ranking will be directly qualified for the finals. Participants can also do the Last Chance Qualifier at the Spot in Zurich before the main event.

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The Finals in Zürich 2018
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Our network partner will care about the online registration and the Check-In at the spot. Check the following links for the different battle categories and competition formats:

Registration for participants Registration for participants Registration for participants Registration for participants


Welcome to Switzerland

Our team welcomes you at the Urban Dance Festival 2018 in Zürich (CH) and is looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions. We are gladly willing to help you.

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