1vs1 Undisputed


• Official qualifier for Battle of the Year World Final 2018 in Montpellier (France)
• In the preselection each dancer has to execute one run
• The TOP14 + INVITED 2 goes into the Knock-Out Round (see below)
• All battles run according to the „Best of 3" mode


12:00 o'clock | Registration & Check-In at the spot
12:45 o'clock | Check-In Deadline
13:00 o'clock | Start preselection (sharp on time!)
13:45 o'clock | TOP16 Round
14:25 o'clock | TOP8 Round
14:45 o'clock | TOP4 Semi Finals
14:55 o'clock | Final Battle
15:00 o'clock | Award Ceremony


Juan David Gaviria aka Spin (UK) – Winner 2017
Mustapha Adjour aka The Wolfer (Austria) – Winner "Dance & Style" Qualifier 2018


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For more details about the competition format check the following graphics. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions about the competition format or else.


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Our network partner and8.dance will care about the online registration and the Check-In at the spot. Check the following links for the different battle categories and competition formats:

Registration for participants Registration for participants Registration for participants


Welcome to Switzerland

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