Mauro Peruzzi aka Cico

Mauro Peruzzi aka Cico



• the ultimate Powermover, bboy and teacher
• 32 years old with over 20 years experience
• born in Treviso (Italy), raised in Speyer (Germany)
• official Guinness World Record (GWR) holder
• member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars
• one of the most famous B-Boys worldwide

For many years Mauro Peruzzi has been known for his brilliant power moves and dynamic combinations in B-Boying. Together with groups like Second Floor, Killabeez and Spinkings he has made a name for himself and is now one of the best B-Boys in the world. He is travelling around the world with the Red Bull BC One Allstars, doing theatre peaces and productions as well es performed on several commercial and cultural stages with the project "ABC Modernbreaking". Nowadays he is back in school and studies physiotherapy and health management. He is very passionated in sharing and providing knowledge to the next generations. In his workshops he motivates everybody to step their game up to reach the next level.


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