BOTY Crew Competition

BOTY Crew Competition


Welcome to the regular Battle of the Year Central Europe Crew Competition, the qualifier for the Battle of the Year World Final in Essen (Germany) on October, 21st 2017.

• this event consists of shows and battles
• crews will dance their shows one after the other
• judges will evaluate every performance with the BOTY matrix
• for more info read the Official BOTY Judging Information
• the evaluation forms the ranking list of the event
• the best 2 kids crews will compete in the BOTY Kids final
• the best 4 crews will battle in the semi finals*
• in the final both winners dance against each other
• the winning team will be qualified for the BOTY World Finals
• 5 judges will evaluate and decide with "and8 Judge"

*) If there a less than 12 crews (without kids crews) In the regular BOTY competition the best 4 crews will battle at the semi finals. In the case the 2nd place competes against the 3rd place and the 1st one against the forth place to determine the pairs of the final. If there are more than 12 adult crews it's gonna be TOP6 battle mode (see the graphic).


15:00 o'clock | Registration & Check-In at the spot
15:45 o'clock | Check-In Deadline
16:00 o'clock | Rehersal on Stage (sharp on time!)
19:30 o'clock | Opening Ceremony
19:45 o'clock | Showcases (crews performing their shows)

  • (01) Under Construction (Switzerland)
  • (02) The Squad (Switzerland)
  • (03) Funky Monkez (Austria)
  • (04) Flava Fiendz Juniors (Switzerland)
  • (05) Team-A-Team (Belarus)
  • (06) Groove All Stars (Switzerland)
  • (07) United Flavorz of Austria (Austria)
  • (08) Raritie Crew (Austria)
  • (09) Nexus Crew (Switzerland)
  • (10) Team Austria (Austria)

21:30 o'clock | TOP4 Semi Finals
22:00 o'clock | Final BOTY Kids
22:15 o'clock | Final Battle
22:30 o'clock | Award Ceremony


Mauro Peruzzi aka Cico (Italy)
Kevin Gopie aka Renegade (UK)
Niels Robitzky aka Storm (Germany)
Anniina Tikka aka AT (Finland)
Walter Petrongolo aka Crazy (Switzerland)


• Best crew in the ranking wins THE BEST SHOW Award
• Best kids crew in the ranking wins THE BEST KIDS SHOW Award
• Outstanding dancer male wins KING OF STYLE Award
• Outstanding dancer female wins QUEEN OF STYLE Award
• Outstanding talent (BOTY Kids) wins NXG HERO Award


For more details about the competition format check the following graphic. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions about the competition format or else.


Important information for participants (english)
Important information for participants (german)
Rules for "BfG Competition Format" (english)
Rules for "BOTY Matrix" (english)
Current Schedule (english)
Current Schedule (german)


Registration for participants

Welcome to Switzerland

Our team welcomes you for the SNIPES Battle of the Year Central Europe 2017 in Zürich (CH) and is looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions. We are gladly willing to help you.


Participant Info (english)
Participant Info (german)

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